It's good to know that with over 30 years experience, Blackrock Clinic offers you access to some of the leading experts in medical care in Ireland. We understand that weight loss is a complex arena, and consultants from many of our specialties will join forces in ensuring that your gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy treatment is complete from every angle.

Some of the specialties working with you will be:


Endocrinology is the study of medicine relating to the endocrine system, controlling hormones. As well as overseeing your care relating to diabetes, the endocrinologist covers a wide range of bodily functions including respiration, metabolism, fertility, sensory perception and movement.  


A dietitian will be with you at every stage of your gastric bypass or gastrectomy treatment. You will be educated in your pre-operative diet, and staged post operative eating requirements, along with essential vitamin and mineral supplementation.


After surgery, you will need to participate in breathing exercises and chest physio. A chartered physiotherapist will visit you soon after surgery and begin a course of exercises. You will be tutored how to continue the exercises at home.


Excess weight gain will have added stress to your heart and vascular system, and you will probably be suffering from conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and "venous stasis". This is a medical condition in which veins are unable to pump enough blood back to the heart and is a risk factor for forming blood clots. Our cardiovascular team is one of the strongest in Ireland and will be a constant presence during your gastric bypass or gastrectomy treatment.


The risk of chronic respiratory diseases increases with excess weight gain. COPD, asthma and obstructive sleep apnea are common associations. Our respiratory physician will oversee your recovery and ensure your well being throughout.   


Your decision to enter into weight loss surgery has enormous implications on your future lifestyle. Your understanding, your strengths, and any weaknesses will be assessed so that we may guide and support you in your choice to undergo gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy treatment.